Serenity in your company choices

Offered services internal policy

We have a strict ethical management in training, cultural events and programming and developing IT infrastructures and safety systems (Safety & Security) for practitioners, companies and Public Administrations (for ex. in Italy State).

We guarantee:

  • COMPLIANCE to the regulatory requirements for cultural training, personal data protection, health and safety in the workplace.
  • CONTINUITY in Quality and quantity of services offered in particular in cultural training as human growth as an individual in the global world.
  • EFFICIENCY AND EFFICACY thanks to a continuous update of the services offered.
  • RELIABILITY in monitoring your operative and productive processes.
Our team

A team of professional at your services

An experienced group of practitioners and experts offers:

  • GDPR adjustment of the personal data processing system
  • Planning and management of organizational models to ensure high security standards in public events
  • Feasibility studies and the design of integrated events control systems (fairs, exhibitions, shows…) also made on a weekly basis (for city security) to avoid or minimize possible terrorist attacks
  • Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Videosurveillance – design of the places to monitor
  • The team technology area oriented to quality and development ensures an organizational and managerial analysis, the design of integrated control system for Health and Safety in the workplace, the undertaking of assessment and technical investigation not replicable in case of felony against the individual or assets.

Highly trained and skilled technicians in management of IT infrastructures and systems form the team technology area.